Technology Lending Programs Guide

Through a grant with the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI), the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council has published a list of lending libraries across the State of Ohio. These libraries provide access to assistive technology, medical equipment and adaptive toys to support people with developmental disabilities.

How was this information compiled?

OCALI assessed and compiled this information through a grant from the Ohio DD Council that concluded in May, 2018 called "Identification of Assistive Technology Loan Programs in Ohio." The goal of the grant was to develop a comprehensive list of assistive technology lending programs/libraries throughout Ohio and the services each provides so people with developmental disabilities can more easily explore assistive technology options. Click here to download the final report of OCALI's findings.

How can I find assistive technology lending libraries in Ohio?

The list of Ohio Lending Libraries is available online as an interactive online Google map and other downloadable formats. People can use these resources to search lending library programs statewide or in specific regions, based on their needs. Choose any of the following ways listed below to begin your search. 

Submit your suggestions and changes

If you know of a lending program in Ohio that is not listed, or see something that needs changed, please let us know! Contact Kim Shoaf at

Guide to Assistive Technology Lending Libraries in Ohio
This is a 2-page PDF quick reference hand-out. Last updated October 2018.

Assistive Technology Loan Programs in Ohio - Statewide and Regional 
This is a 40-page PDF document that provides the statewide and regional library listings in a table format. Last updated October 2018.

Statewide and Regional Lending Libraries in Ohio
This is an Excel spreadsheet that provides a worksheet for statewide programs and worksheets for each region's programsLast updated October 2018.

Online Interactive Map of Lending Library Locations 
This is an online Google Map with markers where different types of lending libraries are located in Ohio, along with contact information. Last updated October 2018.

Links to Assistive Technology Resources
This is a collection of links to websites that offer trainings, videos, blogs, and more about assistive technology. Updated monthly.